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There are about a handful of artists who excel in their ability to sing a song.  William Price King is one of them.  His passionate and easy style leads you down the path of vocal range and precision that makes it a joy to listen to.  After being initiated in many different genres King chose jazz because of the inner connection he feels when he sings. Vocally dynamic, his song stylings and his use of breath control and phrasing are unsurpassed.  His musicianship is what a true jazz listener expects to find and he achieves this with finesse and professionalism.

This collection of songs originated from a very rich and personal experience.  The stage is set from the opening lines of the song « Home. »  One knows that this is about something that transcends romance. It’s about a type of love that burns and lingers in every crevice of your mind, a powerful sensation far more compelling than words could possibly describe.  King carries us through a spectrum of emotions and experiences while remaining on the threshold of longing and introspection (Two, Laura Lou, When We Kissed, Blue Rain).  He explores the perception of passing time and love which concerns each of us (The Last Rose Blues, One Two Three), and he shares with us his appreciation of fine arts (Claude Monet’s Garden, Like Bojangles). Last but not least, King is quite aware of the dangers that face our planet and beacons us to heed the call (The Last Drop).  This album is a culmination of the maturity of his artistry.